The First… of many!

by auntyem91

Dear all,

I am a blog that answers questions and gives advice on general everyday life. I will work much like an agony aunt column that you see in newspapers! If you need some advice but don’t know who to ask, feel free to drop me an email at aunty_em@rocketmail.comI can either respond to you personally through an email response or if it seems to be quite a popular matter I can post a response to the blog for others to read in case they are having the same difficulties and need answers! It will be totally anonymous, you can make up a name or leave no name at all, I will never publicly post your name on the blog!

So here we go, my first advice post will be up next and I will be posting tips on how to deal with a long distance relationship.

If you have any questions, need advice, or just someone to listen please don’t hesitate to write to me:

Lots of love,

Aunty Em x