How can you tell if a guy is gay without having to ask them?

by auntyem91

The answer to this is that you can’t!

I recently had a letter written to me on this matter so I thought I would write a post about it, as I think many women face the same difficulty in knowing if the guy they like is homosexual.

There are guys out there who have the most effeminate mannerism known to man who could be the straightest guy in the world, and there are also tough, butch looking guys who are gay. The stereotype of a gay man is well and truly out of the window these days. It is much the same case as if you were to look at someone and guess where they are from. A lot of people assume I am Arabic, Lebanese, Iranian, Southern Italian, Serbian or Spanish. I am none of those! I am in fact mixed race! I am a mix of English and Indian but no one ever gets that until I tell them. Most of the time you would be wrong because nobody really fits the stereotype given to a certain race anymore, much like homosexuals, too.

The real question here is “why does it even matter?” Going through university and travelling the world, I have met many people but their sexuality has never really played on my mind. A year a go, I found out my best friend is gay. I had no idea! I guess I had my suspicions from the stories she would tell me, but the honest truth is that I love her no matter who makes her happy, as long as she is happy!

If you happen to be interested in a guy that you aren’t sure is gay or not, ask him out! If he is gay he will probably say no or just tell you he’s not into women. Either way you’ll know where you stand.

The only way to tell is if he tells you and if he is telling the truth!

I hope this helps if you are having a similar dilemma, honesty is key and sharing is caring!

Lots of love,

Aunty Em x

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