Dear All,

I am Aunty Em, here to help as your agony aunt. Any questions, issues, problems you may have about general life then I am here to help! I will be giving general advice that has worked for me in the past. You do not have to accept my advice but if you do, I do not take responsibility for any outcomes that incur. Use your head and common sense in how to apply the advice given. There will be no blaming here!

If you would like to send in a question for me to answer, please feel free to email me at aunty_em@rocketmail.com 

I can either respond privately via email or if you do not mind I can publicly respond via the blog page so that others may see the advice given- many people share the same problems we all face day-to-day! All emails should be anonymous, you can either create a new name or put no name at all. The blog posts will always be anonymous!

So there we have it. Any problems, any questions about day-to-day life, do not hesitate, send them in right away to:


Lots of love,

Aunty Em